Providing a modern experience patients want: AlphaMeD scales operations

AlphaMeD opened its first clinic about two years ago in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and now serves patients across four locations. Being innovators in the space, ready to grow and give more patients access to care, they quickly realized that in order to do so, they needed a patient engagement solution that would provide patients with an easy way to book, check in and rebook. By partnering with Solv, AlphaMeD has met patient expectations, scaled its operations, and improved its patient rebooking rate. 

As AlphaMeD plans to expand its operations to more clinics, Solv will be instrumental in sustaining patient volume across clinics. “We are looking to expand to 6 to 8 clinics, and Solv will be a big partner in that expansion” – Matt Overlin, Orthopedic PA

Key Results

83% paperless registration usage

 36% conversion rate from viewing to booking

9 minute average wait time 



Before partnering with Solv, AlphaMeD used the booking solution that was a part of their EHR. While patients had a way to book, AlphaMeD couldn’t connect with them in the way they wanted or needed—the booking process wasn’t modern, seamless or scaleable. When patients did book, they still did paperwork in person, and the front desk was spending time on each patient to check in, slowing down the overall patient flow. AlphaMeD partnered with Solv because they wanted to provide a modern patient experience while making it easier on their staff. 

"Before using Solv, everytime a patient came in they would have to do their paperwork, which just prolonged them being seen right away” – Alyssa Jones, Clinic Operations Manager  


By partnering with Solv, AlphaMeD has seen more new patients book right from their phones or online. Many of these patients utilize paperless registration, so they can be seen faster when they enter the clinic. For the front desk staff, this means less time with each patient and an easier way to relay to the providers what they can expect. 



“Now a patient can schedule online by themselves, fill out their forms, and we are able to get them back faster, and by doing so we can see more patients, helping our patient flow and increasing our patient volume”- Alyssa Jones, Clinic Operations Manager



Chris Eaton, the President of Business Operations, explains how Solv has been crucial in creating the look and feel they wanted, allowing for more brand consistency in the booking experience and improving patient loyalty because of the ease of rebooking. He explains, “Solv has really helped with patient loyalty. Once somebody has been a patient, we have their paperwork, their intake forms, really all they have to do is click a couple of buttons, and they are scheduled again.” 

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