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Attract more self-pay patients with a free Solv ClearPrice™ listing badge

Increase access to care for self-pay patients in your community.

31 Million Americans are uninsured.1 Even for insured patients, self-pay is often much more affordable, and consumers are becoming savvier about their healthcare costs:

1 in 3 patients using Solv is 'cash-conscious' and may benefit from self-paying for their visit.2

Help patients looking to self-pay find your clinics

  • Displaying prices on your business listing means more self-pay patients likely to book with you
  • Get a Solv ClearPrice™ badge for your clinic listings

Collect money faster - days, not weeks or months

  • Increase your point of service collections
  • Decrease your AR days

Reduce administrative burden for front desk staff and lower collection costs

  • Reduce phone calls from patients prior to visit
  • Self-pay reduces clerical errors and insurance delays

1ASPE Office of Health Policy, Trends in the U.S. Uninsured Population, 2010-2020 (February, 2021)
2Solv Internal Data

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When you verify your prices, a free Solv ClearPrice badge is added to your Solv business listings, helping you to attract self-pay patients. By submitting, you are verifying that these self-pay prices are accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solv ClearPrice? Why does it matter?
Solv’s mission is focused on reducing the stress of everyday healthcare for consumers. Our research shows that 1 in 3 consumers who book through Solv are “cash-conscious” and may benefit from knowing and paying the self-pay price rather than billing their insurance. Solv ClearPrice is focused on displaying self-pay prices for common healthcare services on clinic listings to help self-pay patients know what they can expect to pay upfront. 

Why should I share my clinic’s self-pay prices with Solv?
More consumers are choosing to self-pay and are actively looking for self-pay prices when choosing a healthcare provider. Based on our own research, this includes many patients who are coming to Solv to find care. By publishing your self-pay prices to be displayed on your clinic booking pages, providers can attract more self-pay patients so they can capture revenue faster.

I'd like to display my self-prices on Solv. What do I do next?
If you're a Solv partner, you can easily add self-pay prices to your booking pages by logging into your Solv account. If you are not a Solv partner, complete the form above to claim your clinic listing and add your self-pay prices.

What services can I share self-pay pricing for?
Today Solv displays self-pay pricing for the following services: base office visit, COVID-19 test, virtual visit, X-ray (chest, extremity), and laceration repair. The ability to add self-pay prices for additional service types is coming soon.

What is the Solv ClearPrice listing badge? Does it cost anything?
The Solv ClearPrice listing badge is a digital badge added to clinic listings for partners who share self-pay pricing for at least one service. The Solv ClearPrice Partner badge is free.