Fireproof Your Finances: Expanding Occupational Medicine at Your Urgent Care

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Occupational health and workplace safety services United States market size in 2023


Capture more durable revenue from occupational medicine patients at your urgent care. 

Entering 2023, urgent care operators are focused on financial fortitude as a foundation to expand their services and business development strategy. According to the Urgent Care Association’s 2022 Benchmarking Report, 79.2% of urgent care centers offer occupational medicine, but many don’t market their full services or pursue new direct-to-employer contracts. Why? It is because of the hurdles they encounter in billing and operations. 

In this live webinar + Q&A, you'll learn:

  • Industry data surrounding occupational medicine trends, urgent care participation, and opportunities for your business to expand
  • 3 key strategies to streamline occupational medicine operations and billing through technology: increasing efficiency, removing hours of manual work from your staff, and growing revenue
  • Where to begin if your business is not performing occupational medicine yet
  • How a real urgent care increased their occupational medicine outcomes and revenue through streamlined technology

Meet Your Hosts

April Gillam Headshot

April Gillam
Head of Industry Relations, Solv

April Gillam is a seasoned healthcare operations executive who is passionate about improving health equity and outcomes through digital transformation. Previously the COO of a successful chain of pediatric urgent cares and telemedicine platform, she has been instrumental in scaling processes, people, and business development execution. After developing collegiate COVID-19 testing programs for the Big XII conference, American Athletic conference, the College Football Playoff Committee in 2020, April made the transition from urgent care leadership into digital transformation leadership at Solv Health, where she serves as the head of industry relations. April also holds a seat on the Urgent Care Association diversity, equity, and inclusion commission. 

Dusty Schroeder Headshot

Dusty Schroeder
Cofounder, Cowork Health

Dusty Schroeder's long career in the healthcare technology industry started in 2007 at DocuTAP. As their VP of Marketing, Dusty served as a valuable resource for the urgent care industry, leading the creation of resources such as Urgent Care Quarterly, the Urgent Care Minute newsletter, and operational e-books for clinic operators. Through his work with thousands of clinics, a need for improvements in occupational medicine was identified. After leaving DocuTAP, he co-founded Cowork Health to help clinics manage and grow their occ med business. Cowork Health changes paper processes to electronic, automates repetitive tasks, and provides a modern platform to collaborate with and delight EPS customers.

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