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Denials caused by errors in registration and verification

Source: Change Healthcare

Urgent care operators face an exceptionally high amount of insurance denials and bad debt write-offs due to the nature of on-demand care delivery. Walk-in patients make it difficult to verify or accurately collect at the point of service, leading to poor downstream revenue outcomes.

Yet, with tools like online bookings, virtual registrations, and data connectivity, urgent care operators can mitigate many of these typical risks. You can maximize revenue and minimize bad debt write-offs by leveraging technology and improving patient intake flows. This, in turn, can lighten the load on staff, improve workflows, get patients to book in fewer clicks, and reduce overall friction.

In this live webinar + Q&A, you'll learn:

  • Industry data surrounding the causes and effects of registration data errors, denials, and bad debt
  • 5 strategies to maximize your revenue and reduce bad debt write offs
  • Where to begin if your staff is not currently collecting deductibles and coinsurances at point of service

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