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How to Guarantee Predictable Patient Flow This Flu Season

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Unpredictability is your enemy this season, but with RSV, COVID, and Influenza converging at once, patient traffic volatility is at an all-time high.

Some days, patients will line up around your clinic before your doors even open, causing your door-to-door times to skyrocket and filling your waiting room with upset patients. Other days, you’ll feel overstaffed until a sudden surge sinks any momentum you may have had.

While it’s easy to blame unpredictability on a perfect storm of a tripledemic mixing with changing consumer behavior, some urgent care operators have found a way to calm their fluctuations in patient traffic, increase throughput, and keep patient satisfaction high.

In this webinar and Q&A, you’ll hear:

  • How clinics are stabilizing patient flow every day
  • Best practices adopted by top-performing urgent care operators
  • Two case studies of providers who made simple changes that resulted in big impacts to when patients arrived

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