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Your Money, Faster: Mastering Consumer Centric Patient Payments in Urgent Care

Of all the headwinds affecting the urgent care industry’s revenue health right now, one is finally becoming controllable: patient payments. Historically, urgent care revenue has been massively hindered by outdated insurance eligibility and patient payment systems, particularly in the real-time environment the industry operates in. While other industries have been able to evolve payments with a consumer-centric approach, urgent cares continue to struggle to collect patient responsibility in full due to complex, friction-filled workflows resulting in high patient AR. 

Join experts April Gillam and Teresa Asma as they explore innovative strategies and solutions aimed at bridging the healthcare cost and payment gap between patients and on-demand care providers. 

This webinar will offer:

  • Data surrounding how broken patient payment systems impact both providers and patients in on-demand care
  • Insights on consumer payment behavior that can accelerate urgent care financial success
  • Fireside chat with industry experts discussing patient payment strategy, busting payment myths, and discussing the upcoming payment trends to be aware of.
  • Review of consumer-centric payments solutions purpose-built for urgent cares 
Teresa Asma headshot

Teresa Asma
Chief Operating Officer, Solv

Before joining Solv, Teresa Asma spent most of her career working on new technologies that worked in the lab or in theory, and bringing them to real world consumers. An early finance hire at Google [X] – Asma partnered across a broad range of R&D teams including driverless cars (Waymo), augmented reality (Google Glass), telecom (Project Loon), delivery (Wing), and health tech (Google Life Sciences). As part of the founding team at Verily Life Sciences, Asma led the strategic finance function, helping to plan, fund, and build innovative solutions to tackle intractable problems in healthcare.

April Gillam headshot

April Gillam
Head of Industry Strategy and Consulting, Solv

April Gillam is a seasoned healthcare operations executive who is passionate about improving health equity, access, and outcomes through digital transformation. Previously the COO of a successful chain of pediatric urgent cares and telemedicine platform, she has been instrumental in scaling processes, people, and business development execution. After developing collegiate COVID-19 testing programs for the Big XII conference, American Athletic conference, the College Football Playoff Committee in 2020, April made the transition from Urgent Care leadership into digital transformation leadership at Solv Health. April remains an active urgent care private investor and currently serves as the Head of Industry Relations at Solv Health. She also holds a seat on the Urgent Care Association Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion commission.

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