Efficiency Redefined: Xpress Wellness Transforms Clinic Experiences through Software and Support that Serves as an Extension of their Team

Urgent care workflows are unique and constantly evolving as groups expand services, locations, and capacity. Xpress Wellness is no different, with 49 clinics spanning several states and multiple service lines. When Xpress Wellness partnered with Solv to improve their patient experience and clinic throughput, they knew they would need best-in-class customer support to make that happen. What they found was a partner that serves as an extension of their team.

“Really the main driver for me was that in our EHR patient engagement software, the settings were so complicated and non-user friendly. In order to truly fine-tune to your business you’d almost need somebody with an engineering background to walk you through.”
Steven Hull, Chief Operating Officer

Key Results

38% of patients book ahead
15 minute average wait time for these patients
84% of book aheads complete digital registration before their visit 


Before partnering with Solv, Xpress Wellness faced significant challenges when trying to adapt their EHR’s patient engagement software to their unique workflow and needs. The settings were unintuitive and lacked configurability. At the same time, customer service was a basic phone number or email, so their teams were left to figure out how to troubleshoot as issues came up. 

When they joined Solv, Xpress Wellness wanted a partner that provided guidance and customization when they needed it, and a platform that was easy for staff to use.

 "Truly to me, the big differentiator of Solv is the people connection.”
Steven Hull, Chief Operating Officer 


Solv's approach to client support and customization proved to be a game-changer for Xpress Wellness. Carli Arena, Manager of Enterprise Solutions and Success at Solv, played a pivotal role in providing exceptional support and ensuring the platform was tailored to meet their unique needs. 

In particular, when launching their behavioral health program, Carli collaborated closely with the Xpress Wellness team to create a streamlined process for patients to book visits and be matched with suitable practitioners. This partnership allowed Xpress Wellness to rapidly implement and adapt its behavioral health program expanding access to care for patients in Oklahoma.


“Carli has been very much in the weeds for our behavioral health program, and that is what has allowed us to kind of sprint with that program. Carli is very much a member of the team even though Carli isn’t employed by Xpress Wellness.”
Steven Hull, Chief Operating Officer



By partnering with Solv, Xpress Wellness has streamlined its online scheduling process and improved the patient experience. Solv's adaptability and responsiveness enabled Xpress Wellness to overcome challenges, pioneer new services, and continue to evolve as needed. 

Solv’s customer support teams played a critical role in understanding Xpress Wellness's needs and adapting the platform accordingly, creating a true partnership.  

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